[SciPy-User] Best way to feed data to Gnuplot?

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Wed Mar 27 14:50:29 CDT 2013

27.03.2013 19:26, Andrew Fraser kirjoitti:
> I switched from gnuplot to matplotlib in 2008.  The new code is a little
> easier to read but the plots from gnuplot looked better.

Interestingly, I've had the opposite experience --- matplotlib plots
look as good or better than gnuplot ones, fully publication quality.

Here's my matplotlibrc (you'll probably need to grab the stix math
fonts, though):

# -- Output settings
path.simplify: True
savefig.dpi: 300
ps.papersize: a4
ps.usedistiller: xpdf

# -- Font settings
text.usetex: false

font.size: 10.0
font.family: serif
font.serif: STIXGeneral
font.sans-serif: Arial
font.cursive: Zapf Chancery
font.monospace: Courier New

mathtext.fontset: stix

axes.labelsize: medium
axes.titlesize: medium
legend.fontsize: medium
xtick.labelsize: medium
ytick.labelsize: medium

# -- Figure size default settings (interactive use)
figure.figsize: 6, 4
figure.subplot.left : 0.2
figure.subplot.bottom: 0.2
figure.subplot.right : 0.95
figure.subplot.top: 0.9

Pauli Virtanen

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